Making Plans . . .

for your big day!

You finally have that ring on your finger. In a rush of heady excitement you’ve grabbed all of the beautiful glossy magazines and are planning the Pinterest perfect wedding of your dreams. But, how do you start to make all these exciting ideas and dreams a reality?

First stop – give me a shout and we’ll get cracking on making your dream dress a reality. Seriously, do get in touch – you won’t regret it! 


Then, it’s time to get the other things organised. I personally started by establishing a budget and having those oh-so awkward conversations about money. In my personal life I am a real dreamer (I like to think of that as a creative trait!) and I had to be sure to keep my feet on the ground when planning my wedding. I found organising such a big and expensive event a truly terrifying prospect but luckily my best friend Hannah aka The Blunt Bride was on hand to help me out every step of the way. She helped me to set out my planning tasks month by month in the lead up to the big day, it was so important to feel organised – especially as I really put myself under added pressure by taking on so many DIY projects for the big day. She was absolutely my saviour in the lead up to my wedding (and just all of the time!) and now she is offering her services to other bewildered brides to be – with a range of packages to suit every budget I can highly recommend her.

The Blunt Bride


So, as you might have guessed I am slightly wedding obsessed. I loved every minute of planning my own wedding and now I love to hear about the plans of other brides to be. It really is a huge honour to be involved in a wedding and I love to be part of the journey in creating wedding dresses; it just fills me with excitement and I really do love my job! 

My Top Three Wedding Planning Tips :

Enjoy the engagement ‘honeymoon’ period – gaze lovingly at your sparkly new rock fiancé, then go crazy, buy all of the glossy wedding mags and pin like a mad woman! Let your imagination run wild and envision the wedding of your dreams. It’s important to dream, its a huge part of tapping into your creativity – then you can start to be practical and reign in your ideas, picking out the parts that are most important to you to start to make it a reality.

Establish a budget. And stick to it! Think about what you realistically can afford to spend on your big day and then consider the things that are most important to you in order to divide out your budget. If you overspend on one area, be mindful that you will have to be more thrifty in another.

Get help! I am the worst at asking for help, but friends and family will all gladly chip in to make your day extra special; the best memories of my wedding are friends and family helping in the lead up to the big day with all my crazy DIY projects (thanks mum, dad, MIL, FIL, BIL, the groomsmen and team bride for the 100’s of tissue paper pompoms, the feather buttonholes, the flowers, the cakes, the last minute run to ikea, the venue dressing the day before, the band, the performers, the master of ceremonies – so many of our friends and family that just made the day magical!). Think about your strengths, if you are super organised and planning is your strongpoint then source the help of local creatives to handle the practical hands on tasks. Or on the other hand, if you are a creative type then you can save money and add crafty finishing touches yourself but if you need help with organisation then do consider enlisting the help of a wedding planner.


Most of all – DON’T PANIC! There is so much pressure now to have the pinterest perfect, hash-tagged the sh*t out of,  wonderful wedding – but at the end of the day, it’s all about you and your beloved. Take everything one step at a time. And remember, no matter how well organised you are things may not go entirely to plan on the day,  but none of it matters – as long as you and your partner are there making those promises surrounded by your loved ones, that is really what it is all about. Enjoy every second! 

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