Boudoir Beaus

There is something very exciting happening in the With Love and Lace . . . studio this week – I am creating some lovely lingerie which will be available to buy in store and online in the very near future!! 

I have a bit of a lingerie obsession, I love anything boudoir and burlesque inspired. Not that my own wedding day undergarments where anything like lovely – my backless dress and my ‘athletic’ (i.e. flat as a pancake) figure meant no brassiere and my hip hugging stretch silk satin dress called for control pants of an industrial weight!

But I did treat myself to the most beautiful bridal lingerie. And got dressed up and had a photoshoot in it!

Which brings me in a round about way to the subject of this post . . .

The Boudoir Photoshoot

I think a pre-wedding shoot is a great idea, whether it’s an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer or a boudoir style shoot, or both it’s good to practice being in front of a camera and to see how amazing a good photographer can make you look and feel!

For us an engagement or pre-wedding shoot with our wonderful wedding photographer just wasn’t practical, he was based in Leicester and we had booked him based on a glowing recommendation and so were unable to meet him before our big day. However, luckily for me my very talented friend Anna Howard was looking to develop her photography portfolio and build her business ‘Peekaboudoir’ (hashtag bestnameever) and she offered me a shoot as my wedding gift (hashtag bestgiftever).



My top tip is to plan you hair and make-up trials for the day of your shoot – I planned my make-up trial with the amazingly talented Holly Kathleen. It was lovely to put the make-up to the test and see how it would fare in front of the lens. Select one or two ‘outfits’ which make you feel great about yourself, everyone deserves lovely lingerie! Look for and practice some pin-up style poses, slightly adapting your posture can completely transform your body shape. Most importantly relax and enjoy the experience!

A boudoir shoot will make you look and feel a million dollars. And once you have confidently posed in front of the camera in your pants being snapped on your big day will be a breeze! 

I have been talking to a very talented local photographer and am excited to announce that we are planning to off With Love and Lace . . . brides a very special discounted package. Watch this space!!


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