How to Have a Happy and Mindful Matrimony

I have asked Sheree of Mantra Yoga to share her top tips for keeping calm and in control in the lead up to your big day. Sheree is a specialist in yoga, meditation and positivity coaching.



Supposedly the biggest, most magical day of your entire life, your wedding day…

It’s no surprise that brides & grooms all over the world get so worked up in the run up to their wedding. There are so many expectations on the line! What with the planning, organising, guest list, tight budget & honeymoon to organise, it is all too easy for your big day to get overshadowed with a slight tinge of anxiety, apprehension & worry.

It’s time to strip this all back & focus on what’s really important here. You should be enjoying every single second of this exciting time in the build up to marrying the love of your life…

Here are my top 5 tips for a Mindful Matrimony:

  1. Plan ahead – yes, you may have todo lists coming out of your ears, but spending time to consolidate & prioritise what you actually need to do will give you clarity. Adding these tasks to your diary means they’re one less thing for you to worry about as your future self has already taken care of them. Simple but effective (and a great excuse to buy a new planner ha).
  2. Gratitude journaling – there’s a lot to be said for gratitude, it is the best way to fast track your day to be one that’s full of positivity. Writing 10 or more things you are grateful for each day not only makes you focus on the positives, but it also manifests & attracts more amazing things in to your life. It will also be a lovely wedding memento to read back over in years to come.
  3. Give thanks –  although it’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own life during this time (as it is your day after all…), but there will also be the people closest to you doing their fair share. A simple kind gesture to say thank you to them for helping & supporting you will go a longgg way. Without them, this day wouldn’t be half as special.
  4. Stay present – it’s that simple. Take time each day just to sit & be present. Don’t worry about what you still need to do, don’t stress over tripping on your dress, no – you’re not getting fat, you won’t get spotty & everyone will get along just fine! Empty your mind, sit with a nice hot drink & just enjoy the present moment & the sensations around you. You’ll feel instantly relaxed & refreshed.
  5. Yoga & exercise – scheduling in time to do things for yourself is essential. It will keep you calm & in control. Yoga is an amazing way to clear the mind, exercise & have some well deserved ‘you time’. Embrace it.

Following these steps you can have the most blissful & mindful matrimony you could ever dream of.

Live, laugh & love – that’s what the true essence of life is all about after all.




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