The Bespoke Experience

Your experience with me will me very different from what you may receive inside a Bridal Boutique, no dazzling bright lights and champagne reception. Just me, in my home studio and some lovely cups of tea. I work from home to keep costs to a minimum, so that my bespoke bridal wear can be both affordable and accessible; this means there is no big showroom or lots of dresses to try on but I do have a mountain of swatches for you to browse through and a pencil at the ready to create YOUR dream dress, entirely from YOUR ideas.

Our Initial Consultation

I love to see all of your images and ideas. If you are anything like me you will have a scrapbook of ideas and hundreds of mood boards and images from the internet. These can be forwarded to me to have a look at before your consultation so that I can add to them in preparation for our meeting and be prepared with a selection of fabrics that I think you might like to see. Likewise, if you don’t have a clue where to start I am happy to help!

At your first consultation we will look at your inspiration, silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments and also discuss your budget. Your measurements will also be taken so that pattern drafting can commence as soon as your design is finalised.

Design Development

Following your consultation I will develop several sketches for you to chose from and provide you with fabric options at different price points within your budget.

Please note that my designs are entirely bespoke, I do not stock a range for trying on but we will quickly move from paper to fitting a mock up / toile of your dress to give you a good idea of how everything will look before it is cut in the final fabric. A deposit of 50% is payable once your design is confirmed to cover costs of materials. During the pattern development and initial fitting stages there is some flexibility to make changes and finalise design features, wherever possible I will carry out changes without making additional charges but should there be drastic revisions to the design that will incur extra costs this will be discussed and agreed before we proceed.


Usually I will need to carry out two to three fittings (depending on the complexity of your design). At your fittings it is very important to wear your planned wedding day lingerie as this can have a huge effect on the shape of your body and of your dress. At your final fitting you will also be required to bring your chosen shoes so that the length can be finished perfectly.


Your initial consultation is completely free of charge and there will be absolutely no obligation, please feel free to contact me with any questions.